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# Posted: 16 Dec 2007 18:23 - Edited by: Respect

Well, I think this feature is great...
The whole point of this thing is teamwork. I.E. before it was developed by BlinK_ a bunch of players try to press the button in the afternoon, but one of them presses it first and others don't get anything. Later that bunch of players got tired of looking after the button, so they went outside and then the clock ran out. And we don't want that to happen, do we?
So with this great thing. We can make teamwork. One player takes the afternoon, second player takes few hours after that, third player takes another couple of hours and so on. Everyone gets some points and the most important - the clock doesn't run out.

How to contribute to this teamwork:

1. Pick a time period, which hasn't been picked yet and in which you could look after the button.

2. Fill the login and the time fields. Press Register.

3. Don't let the clock run out during your registered time period.

Note: If you let the clock run out during your registered time period, it means we can't trust you with this kind of task and you won't be able to register to the schedule for a month.

But if someone else presses the button before you did, that's ok. The clock keeps running - no harm done.

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