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# Posted: 5 Oct 2011 21:36

Hello to every hatch visitor. It seems that we are doing quite well. Just couple of hours ago we have ended a sprint of more than 5 days without letting the timer to stop. Quite a good effort everyone!

You are probably wondering how do I know about it. (: Let me introduce to you the new stats page. All the new statistics you see there are parsed from almost 5 years worth of history records. So most of the events are linked to the according history records.

Play around with it. Tell us if you would like to see some more stats or you think that some numbers out there are inaccurate.

In the other news we tinkered the website to work a little bit better on Android web browsers. I haven't tried it on any iOS device, but I believe it should work quite well.

Have a pleasant evening.


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# Posted: 7 Oct 2011 06:19

Oh awesome. Nice work!


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# Posted: 3 Aug 2012 05:42

That is pretty cool. I am Lockesmith, by the way.


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# Posted: 3 Aug 2012 05:44

I just created my account about 5 seconds ago.

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