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# Posted: 11 Nov 2008 09:59 - Edited by: Hemulen

Hello fellow users!

I'm writing this thread to make a suggestion.

What is the-button could be downloaded and used in a client? Wouldent that be nice? (:

So, online would be multiplayer push the button, and the client would be solo play?

We could then have 2 hiscores. Solo and Multiplayer hiscores.

I can code some of the client if wanted, but I'm not good at attatching sound and effect to the program itself.


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# Posted: 11 Nov 2008 13:20 - Edited by: Hemulen

Double post


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# Posted: 11 Nov 2008 17:08 - Edited by: BlinK_

Hi Hemulen, interesting ideas you have got there.

I really like an idea about separate client. We could do it like widget style. User could open it up, like any other application. I think I read somewhere that widgets can be based on flash programming language. This means, not much modification would be needed to convert this flash client to the widget.

On the other hand, I don't see the point where user presses the button in solo. The multiplayer is the key to all this site. There are many other sites or applications, where anyone can press button by himself. The multiplayer makes this game fun and exciting.


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# Posted: 11 Nov 2008 18:07

Well.. I suggested the solo game since user experience and quit because someone else races them to the button. Anyways, yes there are many online solo hatch game, but NO hiscore. If there is no hiscore there is no point of pushing the button. I push the button so people can see how many presses I've done.

Anyways, a client multiplayer game is good enough.

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