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# Posted: 25 Apr 2008 12:29 - Edited by: BlinK_

Hello everyone.

I want to introduce a new feature of website. It is, as topic says, siganture generator. You can find it here.

You can use it to generate a signature with your (or someone elses) nickname and score. Use it whereever you like. For example in other forums as your signature, or at your website as an advertisement of this website.

If this will become somewhat popular, maybe we will develop custom backgrounds or texts. So post any feedback or suggestions. Staff

Generate your own signature!


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# Posted: 28 Mar 2010 00:11

Hi Blink, was I the 3rd person ever to enter the numbers?



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# Posted: 28 Mar 2010 15:06

Hey Spyro, sorry to disappoint you but you were not. (:

You can look at the high score page to check how many times each and everyone of us did press the button. You can also check out the history page to see how well we are doing in keeping the button pressed every 108 minutes.


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# Posted: 28 Mar 2010 23:01

I was looking back at 2007, I see you, another person, then me! Who was the 3rd person?


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# Posted: 4 Apr 2010 15:47

Sorry, I did not understand your question initially.

According to the history - yes, you are 3rd person ever to press the button. However hatch history was introduced a month later when this site had been started. So we do not have the history of the very first month.


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# Posted: 22 Sep 2010 02:49



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# Posted: 6 Jul 2011 20:58


I am new member, hello folks !


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# Posted: 24 Jul 2019 19:35

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# Posted: 24 Sep 2019 23:23

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# Posted: 28 Oct 2019 04:31

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# Posted: 31 Jan 2020 21:17

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# Posted: 6 Feb 2020 02:33

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# Posted: 18 Feb 2020 12:01

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# Posted: 22 Feb 2020 16:13

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# Posted: 25 Feb 2020 00:58

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# Posted: 27 Feb 2020 06:49

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# Posted: 1 Mar 2020 13:48

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# Posted: 12 Mar 2020 04:15

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# Posted: 18 Mar 2020 09:28

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# Posted: 4 Apr 2020 17:34

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# Posted: 5 Apr 2020 01:47

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# Posted: 8 Apr 2020 00:00

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